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Schlossansicht seitlich (c) Josef Schimmer.jpg

(c) Josef Schimmer

Cradle of the reigning Liechtenstein house and a top excursion destination for the whole family.

In the ancestral castle of the reigning family, you can learn all about the history of the Liechtensteins and their origins in Weinviertel.

Immerse yourself in the exhibitions and the castle on your own, with the help of our multilingual audio guides, or take part in a guided tour. After concluding your visit to the castle, we invite you to spend the rest of your day in the princely community.

(c) Josef Schimmer

The Liechtenstein exhibition can be found on the first floor, while the ground floor offers space for temporary exhibitions of contemporary local artists. 

A local history collection in the side wing provides insights into the past lifestyles of locals. 

The Schlossfestival is the highlight of the year at Liechtenstein Schloss Wilfersdorf. Numerous visitors enjoy experiencing a wonderfully staged little opera and a very special evening here in the summer beneath a sky full of stars and in front of the impressive backdrop. 

(c) Rolf Bock



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