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Traces of the  Liechtensteins in Wilfersdorf

Tour durch den Ort "für Hiesige, Nachbarn und Zuagraste"

Walk through the village via the "Kulturweg" up to the top of the Heiliger Berg (Holy Hill) to the old cellar lanes.

For those who have more time on their hands we recommend strolling through Wilfersdorf along the Kulturweg.


Walking along it you will find the former patronage church of the Liechtenstein house und you will pass the Way of the Cross of Wilfersdorf, brought to life in 1674 by Count Hartmann and his wife Elisabeth Sidonia, reaching the end of the trail at the top of Heiliger Berg (Holy Hill), where you can step back in time and look at old wine cellars in the Kellergasse (cellar lane).


We will gladly accompany you and share anecdotes about the buildings and about the history of the village. This is also a highly recommended tour for the village’s inhabitants looking to get to know their place of residence better.


If you are interested in this tour do not hesitate to contact us per E-mail or telephone.


Walk through the village


Meeting point at the entrance of the stately home


by appointment or on your own

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