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Main exhibition about the history of the princely family

The main exhibition about the history of the princely family and their connections to the Weinviertel makes up the heart of the stately home.

Entering the colourful rooms is reminiscent of diving into another world: A replica of the princely crown

The family tree of the reigning family makes it possible for one to learn a lot about the noble House of Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein Dauerausstellung

The unique genealogical table offers an unmatched overview of the Liechtenstein family tree and is the mirror image of Austrian and European history.

The computer-aided parts of the exhibition make it possible for visitors to find out information for themselves and to follow the strands of this noble family. In addition, detailed information on origin and connections of certain family members are available and one mustn’t forget the collection of portraits.



Furthermore, the exhibition presents the close-knit-ties to the goods of the formerly Southern Moravian district and to the castles in Lednice and Valtice (both in the Czech Republic).

Special artefacts (among those a special item from the carriage museum in Laa upon Thaya, a musical crow, art pieces saved from attics and to top it off unique pieces from the parish church) make this exhibition one of a kind.

Heimatkundliche Sammlung Wilfersdorf

Local history collection

A side wing of the stately home houses the local history museum, which offers insight into the lifestyle of bygone times: an old iron, the former bakery and the workshop of a saddler can be seen here.


History comes alive here. Particularly if one books a tour with the founder of the collection, who has an array of anecdotes and stories to tell on items found in the collection.


The local history museum was founded in 1984 by Hans Huysza and has since been renovated room after room. More and more objects of the town have been found and have settled into their new home-which is made up of 16 rooms. Here they are waiting to be found!

heimatkundliche Sammlung.jpg

Temporary exhibitions and vernissages

The ballroom on the ground floor offers room for art exhibitions of contemporary local artists. A local artist who enjoys presenting her artwork here is Edda Swatschina (an artist from Mistelbach).


In 2022 Winfried Steininger will present his graphic prints and in celebration of the 20-year-anniversary of the restauration of the stately home a special exhibition will take place.


These temporary exhibitions can be visited free of charge during opening times. Unless a private event is taking place at the time of your visit, in this case we will be happy to welcome you another time. 

Wechselausstellungen und Vernissagen
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