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Since the castle was restored in 2002, Hans Huysza has made the Liechtenstein legacy what it is today with the help of friends, supporters and the community of Wilfersdorf: a top excursion destination in Lower Austria and a space for art and culture.

In 2021 it was time for a change in the Liechtenstein Castle Wilfersdorf cultural association. A new board team around chairman Horst Obermayer has taken over the management. As head of the Staatzer “Kultakomben” for many years and a musician himself, he has the necessary experience in the field of culture. He is supported by Irene Hertl as deputy chairman, Corina Drucker as secretary, Dagmar Huysza as deputy secretary, Rudi Stuhr remains with the team as treasurer and is supported by Erika Huber.

This stately home without Hans Huysza would be inconceivable and he will remain with us as honorary chairman and scientific director, with Sabrina Lang lending a helping hand.

Hans Huysza

Hans Huysza


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